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“Touching the Game: Alaska”

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In today’s high pressure, big dollar world of professional baseball and its accompanying media cyclone, the most poignant and refreshing perspectives are those that portray the unique and committed institutions which keep the essence and purity of our national pastime alive. The Alaska Baseball League is such an institution and offers such a perspective. With roots in the days before the playing of the first Midnight Sun game in 1906, this amateur league has been adding to Alaska’s (and indeed America’s) cultural and historical legacy, defined as much by its Alaskan existence as by its exceptionally high quality baseball.

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Many baseball greats like Tom Seaver, Dave Winfield, Mark McGwire, and Randy Johnson have spent summers in places like Fairbanks, Anchorage and Kenai on their road to the Major Leagues, often thriving, sometimes just enduring, MLB Hall of Famers and journeymen alike have played in the annual Midnight Sun Game, which is played on the summer solstice each year in the middle of the night, with no artificial lights. Numerous National Baseball Congress World Series titles have been won and the league is full of incredible stories of accomplishment and travail. Careers and lives have been shaped in our farthest north state.

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Compelling human-interest threads abound in the Alaska league, as do unique traditions such as the annual Midnight Sun Game. And of course, this is Alaska, with its myriad visual opportunities and its own influence on the evolution of the league. This film will integrate all these elements into a compelling, visually powerful, seamless narrative told by the participants themselves, including those famous MLB alums.

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